Anita de Palma for House of Representatives 2008

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Accountable, Experienced and Accessible

Testifies before members of Congress on major Health Care Issures. Chairman of Senator Bill Nelson's USAF Military Academies Appointment Committee. Introduced the Domestic Violence Program in the State of Florida. Recipient of Seniors in Service Citizen of the Year Award. Initiated Young Readers Program in Tampa Bay Area. LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) serving 4 terms as the Florida State Director. Awarded LULAC Presidential Medal of Honor for Extraordinary relief efforts during the Florida 2004 hurricane period.

To contribute to my campaign, please click donate below.  Thank you for supporting me.
Addressing LULAC National Convention, Chicago 2007
To contribute to my campaign, please click donate below.  Thank you for supporting me.
Anita was a concert pianist at 10 years of age and a Broadway performer at the age of 12. By the time she was 20 she had performed around the globe. At 21 she became an activist for civil rights, for the rights of women and the empowerment of Hispanics. Anita became actively involved in Hispanic matters when she became a volunteer member of the Independent Citizens for Kennedy Campaign, and she became the official speech maker in the ethnic neighborhoods of New York, as well as the official hostess for Adlai Stevenson and then Gov. Lehman. Addressing LULAC National Convention Chicago 2007 Her continued concern for the plight of Hispanics followed her to Florida, where she became the ONLY woman appointed as a Permanent Member of the BI-RACIAL Coalition Committee appointed by Gov. Bob Graham. In recent years she became Chair of Sen. Bill Nelsonís Military Academy Appointment Committee. A speaker on Latino affairs throughout Florida, she was the only Hispanic called to testify before the US Senate Committee on Medicare and the medical insurance problems of Hispanics. She is proud to have been the first Hispanic to have won the New York State Oratorical Championship, and also recently won the Golden Image award for journalism. In 2002 she was named to LULAC Womenís Hall of Fame, served four years as LULAC Florida State Director, and is now the Commissioner of the LULAC (League Of United Latin American Citizens) National Housing Commission.

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